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Studio Policies

We're grateful for your business and for the opportunity to work with your children. Please familiarize yourself with the policies designed to keep our studio running safely and smoothly.

Eating and Drinking

A dedicated space for food and beverages is provided for all dancers and family members at Intermission Cafe, located in our building.  NO EATING OR DRINKING IS PERMITTED IN THE LOBBY, DRESSING ROOMS OR STUDIO with the exception of water. This includes snack baggies that often wind up on our carpet and underfoot. Your chlldren may not carry snacks and drinks around our lobby.

Please clear your table at Intermission Cafe to leave a clean space for your fellow dancers to eat.


Free WIFI is provided for our customers. Please ask the desk for a password. Televisions are located in the Quiet Lobby (outside Studio Ailey) and in Intermission Cafe for your use.


The Girls Dressing Room is for students only. Lockers are available for a rental fee of $50 per year. Students must clear the floor of all belongings at the end of classes each day. Items left on the floor will go to Lost and Found, located in the Girls Dressing Room.  Please do not change in the Family Restrooms.


Parents and siblings are welcome to watch class through the observation windows located outside each studio. Only student and instructors are permitted in the dance studios. Please watch your children in our lobby areas. Running, roughhousing and loud play are not permitted. We do our best to not disturb those working and completing homework between classes. Toys and books are located outside Studio Graham. Please replace all toys in the box before leaving.


Please drive slowly through our parking lot and near our entrance. Dancers are entering and exiting throughout the day.

Please secure your valuables. We are not responsible for items left unattended in our building. 

We take the safety and security of all our students very seriously. Please be sure younger children are attended at all times and older children are picked up promptly as their classes end.


Tuition is due on the 1st of each month and can be paid at the desk by check or credit card, or through direct deposit.  Please see Nicole to arrange. Tuition payment received after the 7th of each month is subject to a $15 late fee. Accounts 60 days past due may result in loss of your space in class until your account is current.


We understand that schedules change and you may want to add or drop a class within the year. To avoid being billed the next month's tuition, we must receive your written or verbal notice if you intend to drop a class.  This allows us to register another dancer who may be on a waiting list.


If your student misses a class, they are welcome to drop into another scheduled class for a makeup any time during the year. Classes cancelled due to weather will be rescheduled when possible. We will notify you by email in the event of a weather cancellation and leave a message on our phone. No classes are held during holiday breaks and spring break unless otherwise noted.


How is your child's experience at Nolte Academy? We welcome your feedback at or visit us on our Facebook Page. Please remember that our teachers are quickly moving from class to class throughout the day, and are unable to visit with you then.

Please visit our desk at any time to ask a question or to leave feedback for our staff. We look forward to hearing from you!

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