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When Martha Graham upended conventional European ballet aesthetics for barefoot dancers in avant-garde poses, an American art form was born. Nolte Academy honors and expands on Graham's vision with disciplined Modern Dance training, and boundary-stretching choreography. Our faculty focus on the teachings of Paul Taylor, Lester Horton, Alvin Ailey, Louis Falco, Jose Limon and Anna Sokolow.

Our Modern Program Building Blocks


In this level students start to learn and understand lines and curves in the body, mainly the use of the back. During class students will learn short exercises that will allow them to learn flatbacks, curves, contractions, rotation, and sequencing. These things should be mastered before progressing to the next level.


At this level the students has the basic knowledge of their body as a 3-d mover. During class students learn longer exercises that have both in place movement as well as moving across space.  They also start to be more athletic in their dancing by doing inversions. Another aspect they start to learn is the importance that performance plays in their technique building.


This level challenges the student not only technically but mentally as well. With longer and more physical exercises the student should be able to both perform during class while having technical excellence. Turns, jumps and inversions are put together in longer combinations to bring out the artist in the dancer.

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